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AloisXReader: But I'm Just a Servant! (Request!)
"Is there anything else you would like me to get for you, your highness?"
"No, that's all (f/n)."
"Of course, your highness."
You curtseyed and left your master to his breakfast. Returning to the hallway, you began your daily rounds of cleaning and whatnot. Being one of only two maids of the Trancy Estate, and as you were the only human, it was quite a bit of work for you and you preferred to start early.
Yes. You knew all about demons and contracts, like the one Master Alois Trancy had with Claude. After all, you could hardly have worked there for so long without noticing. You couldn't say that you approved, but it wasn't your place to protest. Even if you did, what is done is done and there was no turning back. In any case, you preferred this arrangement a thousand times more than the previous. Master Alois Trancy was a miracle to you, having struggled horribly when you served his father. The despicable man. Ah well, your mother had always taught you never to speak ill of the dead, a
:iconclarixx:Clarixx 484 199
A Little Fun Never Hurt Anyone|AloisxReader
A Little Fun Never Hurt Anyone
Request for kynkay01

"Do I have to?"
"It is only formal for a lady like you to attend."
Groaning, you buried yourself under the thick sheets of your canopy bed. "Victoria, it is way too early to do such." you protest, your voice muffled by the feather pillows.
"My Lady, it is almost noon. Now, I suggest you get dressed and not keep Alois waiting." You waited until Victoria, your maid, left the room. Reluctantly, you rolled yourself out of the bed and onto the lush carpet.
"Well, if Mister Alois Trancy is so smart, why doesn't he wait until after three P.M. to schedule an invite?" you growl, marching to your closet. You chose a navy dress with a white high collar and white ruffles at the waist. Hastily, you slipped on a black peacoat style cardigan.
Now for the shoes.
Huffing and trying as fast as you can to get dressed, you slipped on matching navy socks with black lace on the ankles.
You chose your best black shoe
:iconcoldvixen:ColdVixen 156 14
Joker x Reader: My Lost Star (Part 5)
            The number of guards on you increased as time went on but not due to your failed escape attempts, those you just barely hid from everyone, you are not very good at lying. Odd though that may be considering your past but you have always felt honesty was best until now. Gerald become one of your guards jumping at the opportunity when your uncle Victor said he was worried for your safety, however, Gerald is also still your combat trainer. Victor was happy to let the man do both jobs since he is one of the most trusted members and Victor is hoping that maybe you will develop feelings for the young man. If that were to happen, you would not ever want to leave and would have no problem taking over the family business. Also he would be able to send word to those circus members that you never want to come back so they will stop looking for you. He has had a team watching them since you were brought home, he probably would have
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 24 8
Joker x Reader: My Lost Star (Part 4)
            Joker is beside himself with worry and grief wondering what happened to you since its strange how everything played out. Tonight he and the other first tier members are going to go into the city to look for you. The curious thing is that they do not know anyone who would kidnap you nor a real reason to run away from the circus even if Joker had upset you. He lost his cheerful air and struggled to do his act when performing during the long nights which worried his friends especially Dagger and Beast who are closer to him than the rest. They both knew his feelings towards you and even though Beast was unhappy with it she left it alone. She actually thought that you and Joker would make a good couple plus she would rather lose to you rather than anyone else if she has to give up on the redhead. Joker kept going places around the circus grounds that you liked to visit as if perhaps you would magically appear before his very
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 52 14
Joker x Reader: My Lost Star (Part 3)
    Though escape should have been the first thing on your mind it seemed as though thoughts of Joker were the only ones your mind would conjure for you. Previous conversations replay in your head as though you were just talking to him even though they are from days, weeks, or months ago. Aside from being preoccupied mentally, you have been paying attention to how many people are always around, it will be practically impossible to escape. There was never a moment where a guard was not present to make sure that you stayed where your uncle wanted you to. The windows in your bedroom were barred from the outside so that option was out and with someone’s eyes always on you, you would have to gain some trust before anything happens. You wondered if your friends had gone looking for you as well as if they were concerned about your sudden disappearance. They must be searching for you but you hoped they wouldn’t come, for if they did then trained as they are, the
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 40 21
Joker x Reader: My Lost Star (Part 2)
            Going about as normal you watch the other performers do their acts waiting for your turn while also staying out of Joker’s sight because there is no way you could face him right now. He would know that something was wrong and try to help you but he cannot help this time. Frowning at these thoughts you took a deep breath to clear your mind deciding to focus on this one last performance in order to make it the best anyone has ever seen. After all, if you have to leave, why not make it a glorious exit? It will be like a silent farewell. As it gets closer to your act you quickly go to change into the proper attire even though anxiety eats away at your confidence to perform this dangerous act. Swallowing the fear, you walk out into the ring like you own it wearing a flirtatious smile and sending a few winks to the crowd while your act was announced by the very man you were avoiding since he is the ring master. Joker ha
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 42 17
Joker X Reader: My Lost Star (Part 1)
            Thirteen years he has known you, watched you grow up with him and the other first-tier members of Noah’s Ark Circus. However, three years ago you suddenly disappeared from his sights without an explanation or a good-bye. He had gone to get you up for breakfast thinking you had overslept, inside your tent all your personal belongings were gone and the bed where you would have slept was cold. The first emotion to hit him was shock but not wanting to assume the horrible things that could have happened first he believed it to be an elaborate prank. Your things were probably just temporarily moved to Beast’s tent and you slept there for the night. After all, he previously made you angry, so, what better way to get back at him than to pretend you left. Denial set in as that day dragged by trying to tell himself that he was hopelessly oblivious to your presence even when the other members of the circus started to q
:iconarellia813:Arellia813 100 15
La Morte (Male!Alice x Reader) Chapter 1
Ah, yes. The appointment to find out whether or not I can be a prostitute or not. The man is a doctor of the mind, not a doctor of the body. Why does he get to decide whether or not I am able to work anymore? If I don't work...How will I survive?
"GET UP!" Nan Sharpe hollers once more behind the weak locked door of a room in the Mangled Mermaid.
I can hear her footsteps walking down the hallway so wearily I roll out of the thin sheets, easy to clean or just burn and cheaply replace, and onto the creaky wooden floor that is so thin, I can hear the girls working two floors down. Groaning I crawl across the floor to the pile of dresses draped across a chair in the corner that I have managed to keep safe and in good enough condition for work I haven't been able to do in a month because of Jack.
Pulling myself up into a sitting position I run a hand through my
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 8 1
Sebastian!Teacher x Reader!Student
Sebastian!Teacher x Reader!Student
The Christmas holidays were only a week away and you were preparing to tell your friends that you were moving during the holiday. Your dad had been offered a job in America and that the whole family was moving. The only way you could stay was if you had someone to stay with but you knew there was no hope. You knew there was no way for you to stay.
Knowing you only had a few days left you would make the most of it while you could!
"Hey." You said to your friend Ciel. He was one of your 3 friends, the others were called Lizzy and Alois. "Hey. What do we have first?" He replied. "Maths with Mr Faustus. What a 'great' way to start the day!" You said in a sarcastic tone.
You went with Ciel to find Alois and Lizzy. Ciel and Lizzy were dating and you could tell he didn't like her. You also had the feeling that Ciel fancied Alois and Alois, Ciel but you didn't want to say anything about it.
Once you had all met up you went to maths. It wasn't a subject people
:iconanime-lxve:anime-lxve 8 3
Sebastian X Reader - Finding true love Ch.5 End
(Read the discription first...please)
You woke up in your comfy bed and looked beside you. Since you had fallen asleep in Sebastians arms, you hoped that he would be still there, but that was not the case. You knew that he had a lot to do as your butler. You sighed and wanted to get up from your bed, but then you heard a music from somewhere. So you stood up and followed the music.
You entered the room and saw Sebastian, who played the piano and said: "Good morning my lady" "Good morning", you answered and you already smelt the breakfast which he did for you. You sat down and started to eat, meanwhile Sebastian was playing the piano. You smiled and talked with him for a bit until you came to that point about your past again.
Sebastian stopped to play, went to you, bowed down and looked into your eyes, "You want to know the whole story of your life, right?" "Yes", you answered and Sebastian also recognized that you were nervous and also interested, "Then...", he started, "give me someth
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 23 30
Sebastian X Reader - Finding true love Ch.4
Everything became red. Is red a beautiful color? You couldn't say.
Sebastian laid his hand on your head and you remembered a bit of your past.
"Why? Why do you want to sent me away?", 'It's just the best for you', a voice ringed in your head, "Why...I can't understand", 'There is nothing to understand'.
You found yourself in a place where other children lived, they were all abandoned from their parents. You didn't like it at all, you just wanted to go home. After a while you became really desperate, but you didn't show it.
One day you met a guy, he didn't look nice, but you didn't really care, since you were a kid at this time and you trusted him easily. He gave you a toy and told you to play with it when you are back in your room and that was what you did. You ran back to your room and opened the toy and after a few seconds everything burnt down. You didn't know how this could have happened and you fell unconscious in your room.
Your parents got a letter that you died in the
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 18 5
Sebastian X Reader - Finding true love Ch.3
It was 8 o'clock in the morning and you woke up in your bed, your cat was sleeping on top of you. You rolled your head to the side and noticed that Sebastian opened the curtains/blinds and let the sun in your room, he even placed beautiful flowers in your room.
"Good morning, my lady. I already made breakfast for you", he said, bowed down, gave you the food on a plate and placed it onto your knees. You sat up and your cat stood up and rolled down at the edge of your bed and slept further.
You couldn't even look at your food, cause he looked handsome as hell. Since he was butler for now and you could wish for everything, you made as much space as you could and lift up one side of your blanket. Sebastiant just stared at you and didn't really know what you wanted. You started to laugh and answered then: "Why should I just eat all of this alone?" "But my's your bed and I am just the butler here", he said. You looked into his eyes and said: "But...what if it is an order?" "If it's
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 24 5
Sebastian X Reader - Finding true love Ch.1
"Are you sure you want to do this?", a voice in your head asked you. It wasn't your voice though. "Yes", you answered shortly. Your eyes are closed, you are surrounded by darkness, but not the cold one, it felt more like a comfy warm darkness. You gave your body into it, somehow you felt free.
"Why do you want to do this?", the voice asked you. So many questions...
"I want free. I want...I want to live in harmony with myself. I want someone...someone who can protect me", you answered and your voice got quieter and quieter.
"You do know the rules and about the contract, right?", the male voice in your head asked you and you answered again with yes. It wasn't the first time you came here, though it was a long time ago. Actually you didn't know where you were. It always felt like a dream, but also it felt so real.
"What is it that you truly desire?"
You thought a minute about it. What was it that you truly desired? What did you longed for...
"Love", you answered and tried to op
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 32 7
La Morte (Male!Alice x Reader) Prologue
"It's a boy!"
My lower body has no feeling but I can hear the cry of a child similar to the cries I gave out when making him, similar to the ones I have been making for most of my life.
"A BOY! Oh, darling aren't you happy...Darling? Darling! Doctor, help her!"
I don't answer him. I never do but this time I can feel my throat drying, my lungs beginning to collapse and something leaving my body in a haste.
"Your grace it appears she is dying, there is nothing-"
"There is one spell... but the cost is great."
"Your grace, it may ruin everything..."
As the doctor begins to mutter something, the grip on my hand begins to crush the bones beneath my frail hand and I finally feel myself falling...
Yet when I awake this horrible nightmare will be over... One way or another...
:icondeathtothepool:DeathToThePool 10 3
June Point Give-Away (125)

:points: To join this give-away, all you have to do is favorite this journal.

NO need to comment or be a watcher!

1st place - 65 Points 
2nd place - 35 Points 
3rd place - 25 Points 

This Give-Away will end on the last day of June.:points: 
Everyone that participates will also receive a llama!
Llama jump 

Points given will increase as I get my hands on more!
Feel free to spread this contest around.
La jumping in Points 
I see you, I do.
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 115 19
Sebastian X Reader - Come back to me - Cha.1
You were waking up in your bed, immediately you jumped out of your bed and stopped at the door. Something doesn't seem right, of course, it was monday and you actually had to work but, you could only think about one name, "Sebastian", you whispered and looked confused to the ceiling, "Who is Sebastian?". You shrugged it off and made yourself ready to work.
First you had to drive with the bus and then hurry to the train. Unfortunately meanwhile you were running, 2 men grabbed you and stole your phone. "Give it back!", you screamed and they said something like, "Why should we? It seems quiet expensive". Then they started to touch you. You tried to defense yourself, but you are not strong enough for them. You were searched help and looked at the other people, but they ignored it or made pictures and videos about it. You hated this society, "If you don't release me at once, I will tell my boyfriend and he will beat you up", you told them and they laughed at you and answered, "Which boyfrie
:iconmizu1993:Mizu1993 24 5


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I am working on My OHSHC x reader its just i have been slow because of Summer school and other shit. But ya Part two is almost done.
I am a neko...
what happens when you leave me with oil pastel's and craft items


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